Screenshots from another unfinished game from a while back - War Gimp is a crude shoot-em-up type game with horrible graphics, music and sound. I think I wasn’t in a happy place when I made this.

As it is, there’s only the one level but it is playable. Arrow keys to move. Z fires machine gun, X fires grenade. Move onto manholes or ladders to go up / down. If you get touched by the baddies you’ll get damaged and everything will go a bit wonky - pick up first-aid packages to correct this. Ammunition is limited but can be replenished by picking up the red and green packages.

One of the reasons the graphics are horrible is deliberate - I was restricting myself to the CGA palette.

The game was programmed in Game Maker. I made the music and sound effects using the modular soft-synth application Buzz

Click here to download. If anyone would like the sprite sheets or other graphics to play with, let me know.

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